Solutions Offered

Please check out some of the solutions that we offer. If there is a service that you are looking for but is not listed, please contact us with your need. Also, if you have a need or specification that we cannot meet, we have contacts and partners that will be able to assist and get your issue solved.


Let us help your company improve safety performance through one of our coaching services.

  • One on one

  • Custom workshops

  • Virtual

  • Event speaker


We provide high level safety advisement on items such as:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Best practice building

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development

  • Gap analysis.

  • (SMART) goal building

  • Project evaluation

  • Safety culture evaluation

  • Custom programs/plans


We offer compliance and best practice trainings that meet the needs of both large and small employers.

  • Fall Protection

  • Scaffolding

  • Trenching and excavation

  • Forklift

  • Safety leadership

  • Awareness

Coaching Testimonial:
I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a management coach. I was struggling with taking that next step in my career as a manager. I was stuck in the worker, do it all myself, over stress about everything stage. Thomas reached out to me and offered to doing some coaching sessions. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little nervous. Within a few sessions I was looking forward to our next session excited to talk about the things that were going well and learn how to do even better. He helped me identify my character traits, and how to identify character traits of my co-workers. After we identified them, we examined which ones I needed to work on and why. Working for a company with over 500 employees there were lots of different character traits. We spent the start of several sessions discussing different character traits and how I handled different situations. He offered support and suggestions where I needed them. Thomas also helped me identify that I was taking things personally in a business world and helped me adjust my approach on things when this happened. This helped me not only better address the issue at hand but elevated the undo stress I was putting on myself. Throughout the coaching sessions Thomas helped me to better understand and communicate with my co-workers to achieve the best results for all. After reflecting on our sessions, I also noticed I was handling things better in my personal life too.

Russ Howell, Safety Director C-Tech Corporation

Let's Get Started!

Three simple steps to get you moving in the direction of being a better, safer company.

1. Conversation

Reach out by phone or by email to get a conversation started. We can answer any questions and more importantly start to understand the issues that are negatively impacting you and your organization.

2. Proposal

We will put together a full proposal to address the issues that were discussed. We often provide options that will meet and often exceed what the client was looking for as a solution. This will be as simple and clear cut as we can make it. We believe in simple upfront pricing.

3. Green Light

Simply give Timber Walk the go ahead and we will get moving on the project according to the agreed upon specifics. Let us take the ball and run with it.