Founded 2022

Timber Walk

Build your safety team, build yourself: from what you are, into what you can be.

Founded in 2022 by Thomas White, Timber Walk is a startup that seeks to provide coaching, advice and service to companies and individuals that seek to improve their programs and be better safety professionals. We accomplish this through in-depth discovery and identification of the pain points in your business or person to person interactions. We then work together with the client to form a positive path forward that will help solve those issues.

We have a passion for safety and more importantly safety people. We understand how difficult of a safety management career can be. From operational pressure to encouraging employees to do things that they don't think are important, can be stressful and take a toll. Our goal is to Listen, Listen, Listen, to what issues your organization is facing and help provide solutions to those pain points. The business of SAFETY has an enormous number of checklists, regulations, processes and procedures attached to it. The business of keeping people safe can be relatively simple. Let's take the simple route by focusing on people and improving each client's safety culture.

Our Mission:

To provide our clients with fantastic advice, service and encouragement to strengthen their safety culture.

Our Values:

  • Integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

  • Listening - We communicate clearly and fully so that all parties are on the same page. That starts with Listening.

  • Trust - We want our clients to both rely on and have confidence in us to finish the project.

  • Compassion - We understand how challenging safety leadership and management can be. That's why we have concern and empathy for those that do it.