We partner with organizations to improve their safety strategy, implement positive changes and advance people down their path. This is done through in-depth evaluation, leadership, coaching and hard work.

At Timber Walk, we have a passion for helping safety professionals be the best that they can be. We walk alongside them and guide them into improving their performance.

What makes Timber Walk different is that we specialize in guiding and advising safety people and their teams to improve. We help to bolster their programs, upgrade their overall outlook and help them connect with others to thrive.

Our primary focus is on the execution and improvement of safety performance for our clients.

Similar to an Australian walkabout, a Timber Walk is taking the time to go for a walk-in nature to let go of the day to day and focus on improving oneself.


Our Primary offering! Let us help your company improve safety performance through one of our coaching services.


We provide high level safety advisement on items such as: Strategic Planning, Best Practices, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development, Safety Culture evaluations and Gap Analysis.


We offer compliance and best practice trainings that meet the needs of both large and small employers.

Timber Walk

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