LEt's Get Started!

Three simple steps to get you moving in the direction of being a better, safer company.

1. Conversation

Reach out by phone or by email to get a conversation started. We can answer any questions and more importantly start to understand the issues that are negatively impacting you and your organization.

2. Proposal

We will put together a full proposal to address the issues that were discussed. We often provide options that will meet and often exceed what the client was looking for as a solution. This will be as simple and clear cut as we can make it. We believe in simple upfront pricing.

3. Green Light

Simply give Timber Walk the go ahead and we will get moving on the project according to the agreed upon specifics. Let us take the ball and run with it.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our offerings, have any questions, or would like someone to reach out to you to discuss options.
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